Flash Integration: Best Practices

  • Third-party players and the Pulse integration should be easily decoupled. For example, the client may want turn the Flash plugin on/off depending on occasion, or add new functionalities to the plugin without the need to rewrite large amounts of code.
  • Your player core functionalities should not be dependent on the Pulse integration. For example, your player should not always rely on events sent by the ad player to display the player controls, menus and other functionalities. Remember that the client may turn the integration on/off at occasions.
  • The Flash configuration, also for the Pulse integration, should not be hard-coded into the player. The client and developers should be able to change the configuration easily without having to access the player code. For example, the integration should get its configuration from Flashvars, client CMS, XML, JSON, and so on.
  • You should avoid initiating the Flash plugin modules only when the user clicks the play button. Loading the plugin when your player loads improves the user experience and avoids timing issues. You should, however, only make a new ad request (setNewItem) when the user clicks play.