(Deprecated) Brightcove SMART Plugin (Flash+HTML5)

How to integrate Pulse ad delivery with the Brightcove SMART player using the Brightcove SMART plugin.

Warning: From 1 June 2020, we will no longer provide any support for this plugin. We will fully discount any integration support and validation needed to migrate, and we will remove all related documentation. If you are still using this plugin, you need to migrate to VideoJS v7.x and Brightcove Player v6.x HTML5 plugin as soon as possible. For more information, contact your Account Manager.
  • You have a Brightcove account with a player up and running on your site.
  • You have a Pulse account and a unique ID.
  1. Enable HTML5 advertising.
    1. Go to Brightcove Videocloud > Account Settings > HTML5 Advertising.
      Enable HTML5
  2. Setup the Flash plugin and configuration.
    1. Select Advertising Tab > Select a player and click Edit.
    2. Select "Videoplaza Ad Player" from the Ad Source drop-down menu.
    3. Add the plugin config as Player-Level Key/Value Pairs separated by ";".

      For example: vpHost=http://{your-unique-subdomain}.videoplaza.tv;

      Setup Flash Plugin
  3. Enable HTML5 Delivery.
    1. Select Publishing Tab > Select the same player and click Settings > Select Global Settings.
    2. Enable all Web Settings.

      Enable the Web Settings

  4. Setup the HTML5 Plugin.
    1. Select Publishing Tab > Select the same player and click Settings > Select Plug-ins Settings.
    2. Add the URL to the HTML5 SMART plugin (make sure it ends with "?blocking=true").
    3. Save Changes.
      Save the Changes
    Note: It may take up to 10 minutes before Brightcove's CDN propagates all changes.
For more information on customizing your ad player, targeting your ads, adding cue points and Java support see: