HTML5 2.x Core SDK integration resources

Here you will find the resources you will need to be able to perform a Pulse integration of the HTML5 platform.

HTML5 2.x SDK JavaScript

Your integration can either link dynamically to the minified or un-minified SDK resource, or you can download and include the JavaScript directly in your integration.

Dynamical linking

Un-minified version:
Minified version:
Note: {sub-domain} should be replaced with your Pulse account sub-domain, which can be found in your Pulse account settings.

Download location

The libraries are located here:

Online reference documentation

Reference documentation can be found here: HTML5 2.x SDK documentation.

Demo integration

A simple demo integration is provided here for reference. This example illustrates how an integration with the HTML5 SDK could be done and in intended to be an inspiration for you when designing your own application.

Download here: HTML5 2.x SDK Demo

Warning: This demo is not intended to be used in production and we do not support or fix issues that may arise from blindly copying code from this demo into your integration.