Pulse Audience Management FAQ

Can I pull a report using a specific viewer ID?

No. Pulse does not store a list of viewer IDs and associated behavior. You cannot find out, for example, the number of ads viewer 2467a22f-9d74-406a-ab62-54fae1414af9 clicked on last week. However, you can pull aggregated reports to find out, for example, the number of ads male viewers clicked on last week.

Can I track viewers across devices if they do not log in to an app/website?

Generally no. When a viewer does not log in to the app/website, a random viewer ID is assigned on each device. Without sharing a single viewer ID, there is no way to identify viewers across devices. However, if you have a way of tying viewer IDs together without a login, then that viewer ID can be used to achieve cross-platform ad serving.

Can I use cookies and session store combined?

Yes. See Data integration options for more information.

Can I combine my own data with my DMP data and send it to Pulse?


What is the lifetime of a Pulse cookie?

The cookie expires when the viewer clears the browser cache.

If using session store, how often do viewers need to be updated?

If using session store, each viewer needs to be updated every 13 days at least. Inactive viewers are automatically purged after 13 days. The data is lost from the session store, making the viewers unavailable for audience management. Campaigns using audience targeting do not deliver to purged viewers.

Do Pulse cookies still work if viewers have disabled third-party cookies?