Integration Process

The integration process consists of three different phases:

Phase 1 - Introduction to Ad Serving

If you are new to integrating video ads into your applications or are you new to Video Advertising and the Pulse ad server, you should start here: Video Advertising Overview and INVIDI Pulse Video Advertising Platform.

Phase 2 - Developing Your Integration

If you understand the basics of video ad servers and VAST, then you are ready to get started with the integration of Pulse for ad serving into your app. During this phase, you gather all information and resources needed to develop your app and follow all the articles and tutorials to have a complete working example of an app that requests and displays ads.

Phase 3 - Submit Integration for Validation

When you have completed your integration, you submit it to us for validation. The validation process is a form of final quality assurance, which validates that you have built a stable integration and that you comply to our requirements. Read through the articles under Validation Importance and Process to prepare you for the validation process so your launch date is not held up by failing the validation.