Using tags and flags


Tags are descriptive keywords that can be passed along with each item or the entire player, making it easy for the traffic department to target campaigns against/away from certain content. Tags can be anything from "sport", "golf", to "male" and "sunny weather".


Flags are pre-defined Pulse flags that should be included in the integration for the purpose of switching off ads for an item or a player. The available flags are described below:

  • nocom - When 'nocom' (short for no commercials) is provided the distributor always returns an empty ticket and hence the clip will be ad free.
  • nospots - No spot ads
  • noprerolls - No pre-rolls
  • nomidrolls - No mid-rolls
  • nopostrolls - No post-rolls
  • nooverlays - No overlays
  • noskins - No inskin ads