Brightcove Player HTML5 Plugin

How to integrate Pulse ad delivery with the Brightcove Player version 5.x or higher using the VideoJS HTML5 plugin.


The Brightcove Player HTML5 plugin is the easiest and preffered way to integrate your Brightcove Player with Pulse for ad serving, because the plugin automatically takes care of:
  • ad selection,
  • ad playback,
  • ad tracking and error handling,
  • and handling VPAID 1.0 and VPAID 2.0 ads.

Currently, the plugin is limited to displaying linear ads (pre-, mid-, and post-rolls) and pause ads.

Note: This plugin replaces our older (Deprecated) Brightcove Perform Plugin (HTML5) and any customers using the older plugin are recommended to migrate over to this plugin as soon as possible.

Plugin Location and Tutorial

To integrate, you must have a Brightcove Player version 5.x or higher up and running on your site, as well as an Pulse account and a unique ID (pulseHost).

Request access to the sample integration through your Technical Account Manager.