Supported Features

The following features are supported by the Pulse SDKs:

Feature Android iOS tvOS HTML5
Pre-roll ad x x x x
Mid-roll ad x x x x
Post-roll ad x x x x
Skippable x x x x
Clickthrough x x x x
Overlay ad x (1)
Pause ad x x x x
Companion banner x (2) x (2) x (2) x
Passbacks x x x x
VPAID 1.0 x (3)
VPAID 2.0 x
VAST 2.0 (4) x x x x
VAST 3.0 (4) x x x x
VAST 4.0 (4) x x x x
Live ad insertion
Session extension x x x x
Bandwidth detection x
  • (1) Only image overlays are supported. Flash based overlays are not supported.
  • (2) Only static images are supported for companion banners on the mobile platforms.
  • (3) VPAID 1.0 is supported through a seamless switch to a Flash ad player.
  • (4) The SDKs are able to handle third-party ads that are compliant with these standards.