Pulse SDKs

High level SDKs to integrate ad serving from Pulse into your video player application.

Pulse SDK is the name of a range of SDKs, which simplifies integrating a video player application with Pulse for ad serving significantly. The Pulse SDKs define a strict and simple communication protocol, allowing developers to quickly build simple event driven integrations. The Pulse SDKs automatically manage:
  • ad tracking,
  • error handling,
  • passbacks for third-party ads,
  • and prompting the video player to play ads.

The generic architecture of a Pulse SDK integration would look as follows:

Generic Architecture Pulse SDK Integration
Pulse SDKs are available for:
  • Android, to integrate in your native Android application.
  • iOS, to integrate in your native iOS application.
  • tvOS, to integrate in your native tvOS application.
  • HTML5, to integrate in your web based player, which can run on any platform through a web browser.

The complete reference and implementation documentation for the Pulse SDKs is available at http://pulse-sdks.videoplaza.com.