Pulse SDKs resources

The table contains the links to the location for the reference SDK documentation, the downloadable library and a sample video application with Pulse ad serving integration.

Platform Reference Library Sample
Android 2.x Android 2.x SDK pulse.2.x.x.x.0-release.aar pulse-sdk-android-2.x-sample
iOS 2.x iOS 2.x SDK Pulse.v2.x.x.x.0.framework.zip pulse-sdk-ios-2.x-sample
tvOS 2.x iOS 2.x SDK Pulse-tvos.v2.x.x.x.0.framework.zip pulse-sdk-ios-2.x-sample
HTML5 2.x HTML5 Pulse 2.x SDK + Ad Player pulse-sdk-html5-2.x.x.x.0.min.js NA