Categories and Content Partners API

Note: Currently, the new Category requests and Content partner requests are read-only, while the old Share requests are read-write.

Content categories

Categories in Pulse are used to organise your video content in a tree structure, by creating categories and subcategories. This means there is one root node representing your whole account, and multiple branch or leaf nodes coming out of it and representing the multiple account categories. Each category can also have multiple subcategories. Categories are used for reporting and targeting purposes, but you can also target insertion policies against categories, this way controlling how many and what type of ads are returned.

Content partners

Content Partners refer to content owned by a third party for revenue sharing deals, hence requiring detailed reporting on any ads served on specific content, no matter which site it was consumed on.


Categories and Content Partners are different share groups. The groups have separate id’s that are account specific. Shares is an old term used for specific categories/sub-categories and specific content partners in Pulse.

Note: Different Categories and Content Partners API endpoints have different base URLs and communication formats. Find the "Getting Started" information on each relevant page.