Validate a Report Definition

Note: When you submit a report definition for validation, the backend does not create the report, nor does the report definition count towards your report quota limit. See Custom Reporting Limitations.

This endpoint submits a report definition and instructs the backend to validate the report from the given definition.

Method POST
URL /v2/reports/validate
Header Authentication header (x-o-api-key)
Content type application/json
URL params -
Query params -
Body Report definition object:
    "reportName": "name of report",
    "reportDefinition": {
       "startDateTime": ZoneDateTime,
       "endDateTime": ZoneDateTime,
       "timeGranularity": granularityDefinition,
       "dimensions": [a, b, c],
       "metrics": [d,e],
       "filters": [filterDefinition1, filterDefinition2]
Success response

HTTP status: 200 OK

Header: -

Body: -


Request header:

POST /v2/reports/validate HTTP/1.1
Content-­type: application/json
x-o-api-key="<your key>"

Request body:

  "reportName" : "Monthly Revenue Quarter 4 2016 per Category for Mobile Devices",
  "reportDefinition": {
    "startDateTime": "2016-10-01T00:00:00+02:00",
    "endDateTime": "2016-12-31T23:59:59+02:00",
    "timeGranularity": "month",
    "dimensions": ["category"],
    "metrics": ["revenue"],
    "filters": [ 
        "type": "in",
        "dimension": "device_container",
        "values" : ["56ca36a7-e350-48e2-a2ad-543d333d96de", "f797c997-d5b2-4a0c-8d53-2bc6vf947ec"]

Success response:

HTTP status:
  200 OK

Header: -

Body: -

Time Filter, Dimensions, Metrics and Filters

For more information about supported time filters, dimensions, metrics and filters, to build up a valid report definition, refer to: