Validate a Report Definition

Note: When you submit a report definition for validation, the backend does not create the report, nor does the report definition count towards your report quota limit. For more information, see Custom Reporting Limitations.

This endpoint submits a report definition and instructs the backend to validate the report from the given definition.

Method POST
URL /v2/reports/validate
Header Authentication header (x-o-api-key)
Content type application/json
URL params -
Query params -
Body Report definition object:
    "reportName": "name of report",
    "reportDefinition": {
       "startDateTime": ZoneDateTime,
       "endDateTime": ZoneDateTime,
       "timeGranularity": granularityDefinition,
       "dimensions": [a, b, c],
       "metrics": [d,e],
       "filters": [filterDefinition1, filterDefinition2]
Success response

HTTP status: 200 OK

Header: -

Body: -


Request header:

POST /v2/reports/validate HTTP/1.1
Content-­type: application/json
x-o-api-key="<your key>"

Request body:

  "reportName" : "Monthly Revenue Quarter 4 2016 per Category for Mobile Devices",
  "reportDefinition": {
    "startDateTime": "2016-10-01T00:00:00+02:00",
    "endDateTime": "2016-12-31T23:59:59+02:00",
    "timeGranularity": "month",
    "dimensions": ["category"],
    "metrics": ["revenue"],
    "filters": [ 
        "type": "in",
        "dimension": "device_container",
        "values" : ["56ca36a7-e350-48e2-a2ad-543d333d96de", "f797c997-d5b2-4a0c-8d53-2bc6vf947ec"]

Success response:

HTTP status:
  200 OK

Header: -

Body: -

Time Filter, Dimensions, Metrics and Filters

For more information about supported time filters, dimensions, metrics, and filters to build up a valid report definition, see: