Projected delivery requests

This page provides an example for getting the projected delivery of all active goals, meaning their end date falls within the next 100 days. You get the projected delivery for these goals whether or not the campaign has been turned on. You do not get the projected delivery for:
  • Goals with an end date more than a 100 days into the future
  • Goals without an end date, except Share of Voice
  • Goals without ads
  • Goals with ads that have never been turned on
  • Goals that are part of campaigns excluded from forecasts

The projected delivery of a goal is embedded in the goal progress bar and represents the total number of impressions projected to be delivered over the projection period (usually 100 days), including the already delivered impressions. For more information, see Progress bar with projected delivery.

Get the projected delivery of all active goals

Method GET
Header Authentication header (x-o-api-key)
Content type application/json
URL params -
Query params -
Body -
Success response

HTTP status: 200 OK

Header: -


"<goal ID>": "<projected delivery>",
"<goal ID>": "<projected delivery>",
"<goal ID>": "<projected delivery>"


Request header

GET /api/2.0/forecast/projected-delivery HTTP/1.1
Content-type: application/json
x-o-api-key="<your key>"

Request body:NA

Success response

HTTP status:
    200 (OK)   

    "d123e0a2-e3cd-4b99-a48d-025726828740": 8500,
    "186be321-7c85-49f9-922d-acb47405aa4a": 8806,
    "1c833123-a95d-4756-8c14-6c7675efbd02": 688426,
    "fcda0321-e75e-4fdc-86e3-c5203729348e": 6500,
    "ec3ae45v-0db0-4175-a15c-b892699e76af": 2190179,
    "1f66e5n5-e228-42b4-8d2a-81ea601c11cb": 2671756,
    "e78d862a-a94f-4546-9572-f02c87eeba80": 325480,
    "ae31a3h7-bafd-4b58-825e-61158535e502": 315725,
    "87d14a8e-a5b2-4820-90e5-b5803672d9d1": 66091,
    "c04ace7e-e6d1-4b02-8124-ef60b21975ed": 3196,
    "c64f4123-8583-4e16-bb0f-851dcdf72efa": 8,
    "61b5caa2-2d46-42d5-91ae-d5fa226d574c": 20500,
    "fcccc8ab-4d81-49c7-b956-c299f6b144c9": 0,
    "bf2ea12a-488b-47f1-b0cf-d131fc9c768c": 3836305,
    "a210f9vc-8f31-4154-960c-f376dc4d71f8": 8049,
    "e6558am4-f293-4aa8-a200-be29b68148eb": 26000,
    "e97a1987-62a3-4266-8c45-b7f19483e71d": 263000,
    "5a2b976f-9fe0-4270-9b2c-55bb4bf77a44": 50830,
    "098c65n8-32f4-4012-b54d-44059d8ba6b2": 42755,
    "c1446de2-bc6f-4561-b077-ed251ec3ffa0": 26500,
    "4fe780l9-8091-4bda-8753-ca32dc1e488b": 36902,
    "2cab0b6a-2c87-4f6e-b8c8-7408070c17a3": 9,
    "9af125mb-c334-4720-af7d-8bbfc3a6ee73": 701000