Guide to Tracking Events


The following table gives an overview of all possible tracking events

ID Name Description
0 IMPRESSION Mandatory. Fired at ad start.
1 ACCEPT_INVITATION Trigger when the viewer has selected an ad to view out of a selection of ads, or clicked (accepted the invitation) on an ad to go into a more interactive state.
2 COLLAPSE Trigger when the viewer collapses an expanded ad.
3 IMPRESSION2 Applicable to interactive spots, and is only tracked if IMPRESSION has already been tracked.
4 ACCEPT_INVITATION2 Same as ACCEPT_INVITATION but only tracked if ACCEPT_INVITATION has already been tracked.
7 CLOSE Optional. Trigger when the viewer closes an ad.
10 INTERACTION Optional. Fired on ad interaction. Can be triggered on click through, fullscreen, volume change, or whatever makes sense for your implementation.
13 CONTENT_START Trigger when the video content playback starts.
14 AD_START Optional. Fired at ad start.
15 AD_FIRST_QUARTILE Optional. Fired after 25% of ad is played.
16 AD_MIDPOINT Optional. Fired after 50% of ad is played.
17 AD_THIRD_QUARTILE Optional. Fired after 75% of ad is played.
18 AD_COMPLETE Optional. Fired when ad finishes.
20 CLICK_THROUGH Mandatory. Fired on ad click.
21 SLOT_START Trigger when an ad break starts.
23 SKIP Trigger when the viewer skips an ad.
31 EXPAND Trigger when the viewer expands an interactive ad.
32 MUTE Trigger when the viewer mutes the ad.
33 UNMUTE Trigger when the viewer unmutes the muted ad.
34 PAUSE Trigger when the viewer pauses the ad.
35 REWIND Trigger when the viewer rewinds the ad.
36 RESUME Trigger when the viewer resumes the paused ad.
37 FULLSCREEN Trigger when the viewer puts the ad in fullscreen.
90 COMPANION_IMPRESSION Trigger when a companion banner is shown.
91 COMPANION_IMPRESSION2 Same as COMPANION_IMPRESSION, but should only be triggered after COMPANION_IMPRESSION has been tracked already.
92 COMPANION_CLICK_THROUGH Trigger when a click-through URL is available for a companion banner and the viewer has clicked the companion banner.
100 TIME_SPENT_AD A bucket event to indicate the amount of time in seconds spent by the viewer on a certain ad.

Usually, you need to implement the bolded tracking events. The other events are rarely used and depend on the type of integration. If you are unsure, implement the bolded tracking events and ask our Professional Services if others may be useful for your scenarios.