Validation Templates

In order to ease and standardise the validation process, we use and provide several validation templates. Depending on your project's needs, you will receive the corresponding validation templates. In this document, for demo purposes, we will use a generic, configurable validation template. You can download the general template here. This version of the template is a pdf and used as an overview.

For an editable version, please use the one you have received from your account manager. If you have not received a template, contact him/her and ask for a copy.

Validation Template

You can configure the type of validation, by clicking on the arrow in the #1 box, or by double-clicking the corresponding cell. You will get the following dropdown to choose from.

Validation Type

After you select your validation type, the template will be configured for that specific tag and the legend from #2 box will be applied. Based on that legend, you will get a visual input of the features required for the validation to be successful.

The #3 box shows the tabs of the document. For example, if you're testing a player that would run only pre-rolls, you would need to pay attention to the "General Tab" and the "Preroll" one.

This tutorial provides an in depth explanation of the General section of the validation template.