This tutorial explains the importance of ad timing and how the ad behaviour works.


Ad HTTP request takes place after the play button is clicked?

A new "distributor" request should only happen when:
  • New pre-roll ad: the user click the play button or the player auto-start
  • New mid-roll ad: on cuepoint, at the exact time the ad should appear. Pre-fetching mid-roll ad requests should not be implemented as they might result in inflated stats - Pulse tracking the ad requests, without the users necessarily getting to the point in video where the ads are played.
  • New post-roll ad: on video content completed. Pre-fetching post-roll ad requests should not be implemented for the same reason as mid-rolls.

Open Charles Proxy and start the player. You should see only the "distributor" HTTP request when the player starts, on cuepoint or on completed.

Resulting "distributor" Request

Subsequent ad requests should be made "just-in-time" (meaning, for mid-rolls and post-rolls)

Does the mid-roll and post-roll "distributor" request happen only at the correct time? Ad requests are not being pre-fetched, on page load or playlist load. This conditions is required only if applies in your use-case (the blue dot indicates this).