Active goals overview

The new Goals Overview allows you to easily find the most important information related to all your active goals. Currently, this is read-only information, allowing you to:
  • Filter on campaign and goal name.
  • Sort on goal priority, campaign name, goal name, goal start and end date, and booked events. By default, the Active Goals list is sorted by end date in descending order, showing goals with the latest end date at the top, but you can click on any of these columns to sort by that column and in the order you want.
  • Visit the campaign the goal belongs to.

When you open the Goals Overview from the menu (Goals Overview menu), you see the following interface:

Goals Overview interface

Parts of the Goals overview

Part Name Description
1 Filter Click on the sliders icon to search the active goals by campaign or goal name.

Goals overview filter

2 Goal priority Also referred to as prio, defines the importance of the goals picked for delivery on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the most important. Pulse makes sure all goals with priority 1 are delivering according to schedule first. Then it focuses on priority 2 goals, then priority 3, and so on. Setting the priority at goal level overrides any global or campaign priority settings. If you do not set the priority on goal level, it inherits the campaign setting.
Note: The Pulse Distribution Engine always makes sure a Share of Voice goal is delivering according to schedule, before any other goal type has a chance of getting selected, no matter which priority you set for those goals.
3 Campaign and goal name The name of the goal and the campaign it belongs to. You can click on the campaign name to view it in the Campaigns Overview page.
4 Goal duration The start and end date of the goal, displayed based on the account's time zone.
5 Goal delivery information This part provides you with the following information:
  • Booked: the number of booked events, or a percentage in case of Share of Voice goals, based on the configured delivery goal for each goal type. Unlimited impressions goals do not have a delivery target.
  • Goal type: the type of goal, displayed next to the number of booked events. See Delivery Goal Types for more information.
  • Delivered: the actual amount of delivered events up to the current point in time, based on the goal type. For example, if you booked a click-through goal, it shows the number of delivered clicks. Hover over the number to see the delivered percentage of booked events, up to the current point in time, where applicable. You can compare it to the forecast percentage in the neighbouring column.
Note: The Pulse Distribution Engine looks at delivery goal types when deciding from which goal to select an ad and in what order. For more information, see Pulse distribution and prioritization rules. For more detailed documentation around Pulse Ad Decisioning, contact your Account Manager.
6 Goal forecast A forecast is a prediction of future conditions based on past and present data. The goal forecast shows the percentage of the delivery target that the goal is actually forecast to deliver, where applicable. You can use this information to take proactive measures when your goals are not forecast to reach their target. You can compare this to the delivered percentage of booked events, up to the current point in time, by hovering over the number of delivered events.

Forecast is not available, and marked N/A, for:

  • Unlimited impressions goals
  • Share of Voice goals

The success of the delivery is visualised with different colours for different percent ranges:

  • Red forecast: Red colour is used for goals that are forecast to deliver 0 to 69% of their delivery target, meaning they will fail to reach their target.
  • Amber forecast: Amber colour is used for goals that are forecast to deliver 70 to 98% of their delivery target, meaning they are at risk of failing to reach their target.
  • Green forecast: Green colour is used for goals that are forecast to deliver 99 to 100% of their delivery target, meaning they will probably reach their target (99%), or they will definitely reach their target (100%).