Add New Campaign

  1. Open Campaigns from the menu (Campaign Icon).
  2. Click the Add new campaign button found below the list of campaigns.

    A new page opens up:

    Campaign Creation Page
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Campaign name: enter the name of the campaign.
    2. Advertiser: enter the name of the advertiser. Available advertisers are suggested as you start typing, or you can enter a new advertiser name.
      Note: For a programmatic campaign, we suggest entering "SSP".
    3. Brand (optional): enter the name of the brand. Available brands are suggested as you start typing, or you can enter a new brand name.
    4. Agency (optional): enter the name of the agency. Available agencies are suggested as you start typing, or you can enter a new agency name.
    5. Description (optional): add a description of your campaign for your own internal reference. Enter any notes you may have for yourself or your colleagues.
    6. Campaign Priority and Delivery Mode:
      • Set campaign priority: this signals its importance to deliver on time in relation to other campaigns. The default is 5, on a scale from 1-10, where 1 is the most important.
      • Set campaign frontload factor: this ensures that the campaign delivers a fixed percentage of the ad impressions as fast as possible and that it delivers the remaining impressions evenly over time. The default value is 30%, on a scale from 0%-100%, where 0% means 'evenly over campaign period' and 100% means 'as fast as possible'.
    7. VAST enabled (optional): decide whether or not campaign ads should be served to 3rd party video players through the VAST standard. Check the box to enable VAST.
  4. Click SAVE.

    This expands the Campaign overview where you can configure additional campaign properties, as explained in Campaign Overview.