Asset Factory

Note: The Asset Factory (automatic transcoding) needs to be enabled for your account. Contact your Account Manager if you want to use this feature.

The Asset Factory enables automatic transcoding when you upload non-transcoded video files that you wish to link to an ad. It also manages all required versions of the asset files you upload, and ensures that the right file is always served to the right device. Uploaded assets that have not been linked to an ad expire after 14 days.

The assets are transcoded and generated asynchronously, meaning you can complete your campaign booking while the video files are being created. The campaign goes live as soon as the files are ready or when the campaign is configured to go live. If a campaign needs to target a new device, add it to the targeting options and the Asset Factory generates a transcoded file that works for that device.

The Asset Factory also allows you to:
  • upload video files directly on to the UI,
  • see all the uploaded files, in list view (default) or thumbnail view,
  • search for uploaded files by name,
  • see the transcoding status of all files,
  • see whether the download of a file fetched from a URL failed, so you can try fetching it again,
  • reuse files for another ad (the Select from asset factory option when adding a new ad),
  • preview uploaded video files,
  • visit the campaigns associated with the files,
  • download source files,
  • download transcoded files (a package of all the generated assets),
  • and delete the files that are not currently used in any campaign.