Campaigns overview

Using the "Campaigns" tab, you can create new campaigns, manage all your current and upcoming campaigns, generate campaign reports and get campaign delivery notifications.

The Campaigns Overview tab looks as follows:

Campaign Overview tab

Parts of Campaigns overview

Part Name Description
1 Campaign Notifications Lists all warnings and errors, except for campaigns and goals that reached their end date more than a month ago. Clicking one of the notifications, selects the specific campaign as a filter, so it is the only one shown in the Campaigns List. For more information, see Campaign notifications.
Note: Campaign Notifications are updated every 15 minutes, however expanding or editing a campaign, a goal, or an ad triggers an immediate update.
2 Filter tabs A number of tabs filtering campaigns based on their lifetime.
3 Filters and groups Filter and group campaigns in the Campaigns List, see Filter and group campaigns.
4 Campaigns List Lists all campaigns according to the selected filters and grouping, their progress, and other information.
5 Add new campaign To add a new campaign, see Add new campaign.

More information about campaign monitoring and filtering in the following topics.