Advertisers, agencies and brands

The procedure for adding advertisers, agencies and brands is the same and it is explained in this section.

  1. Open the Clients tab from the menu (Clients icon).
  2. From the Clients Overview, select the tab you wish to add a new client to.
  3. Click on Add new advertiser/ agency/ brand button, depending on the tab you selected.

    A new page opens up:

    Clients creation page
  4. Fill in the following information:
    1. Advertiser, agency or brand name: enter the client's name. Use up to 250 characters.
    2. Email (optional): enter the client's email address.
    3. Phone number (optional): enter the client's phone number.
    4. Fax number (optional): enter the client's fax number.
    5. Postal address (optional): enter the client's postal address.
    6. Visiting address (optional): enter the client's visiting address.
    7. Description (optional): add a description of the client for your own internal reference. Enter any notes you may have for yourself or your colleagues. Use up to 1000 characters.
    8. Click SAVE.

Expand client tab

After adding a new client, click on it from the client list to expand the tab:

Clients tab expanded
Now, you can double-click the pen icon to edit the existing information, and you have three more options:
  1. Add contact: this opens a new window where you can enter the information about the client's contact person.
  2. Show all campaigns from advertiser, agency or brand: this takes you to the Campaigns Overview and shows you a list of campaigns filtered by client.
  3. View or delete Programmatic Buyer Domains: you can see a list of all domains associated with this advertiser as well as the date of the first bid for each domain. Click on the menu button to delete a domain. This moves the domain back to the "Uncategorized Domains" tab. For more information, see Uncategorized domains.