Uncategorized domains

The first time an advertiser domain appears in a private marketplace auction, it is automatically added to the list of uncategorized domains so you can associate it with an advertiser.

Assign an advertiser to a domain

Assigning an advertiser to a domain allows you to include programmatic buyers (advertisers) when enabling clash protection.
Attention: When assigning an advertiser to a domain, subdomains are also matched. For example, if you associate the domain bmw.com with the advertiser BMW, then all programmatic bids with that domain, such as cars.bmw.com, are recognised as the advertiser BMW. This means that all clash protection rules for BMW apply to that bid.

For more information on clash protection, see Client categories.

  1. Open the Clients tab from the menu (Clients icon).
  2. Click on the "Uncategorized Domains" tab.

    You see the following table:

    Uncategorized Domains list
  3. Double-click the Advertiser column or the pen icon.

    A pop up window appears:

    Assign Advertiser pop up
  4. Start typing and a list of search results appears. Choose the desired Advertiser from the list.
  5. Click "Save".

    The domain is now added to the "Programmatic Buyer Domains" table and you can view or delete it by expanding the desired advertiser from the "Advertisers" tab. For more information, see Expand Client tab.