Content partner overview

When you click on a Content partner from the list, the Content partner Overview expands:

Content partner Overview

Parts of the Content partner overview

Part Name Description
2 Delivery Stats An overview of your inventory, ad delivery, and fill rate. The default view shows the total figures for all formats. Click on the tabs to see specific ad format delivery.
3 Content partner metrics Short overview of some of the most important metrics.
4 Custom Content partner ID Double-click the pen icon to add an identifier of your choosing that helps you to recognise this item.
5 Description Double-click the pen icon to enter a description of the Content partner, or edit an existing description.
6 Identifier information Pulse default unique ID. Use Content partner aliases to configure alternative identifiers. For more information, see Content partner aliases.
7 Campaign Delivery Specification List of campaigns associated with this Content partner. Here you can check which campaign got the most impressions during a certain period.
8 View report Clicking the button opens the "Performance report" page.