Content partners

The concept of content partners was created to mark content owned by a third party for revenue sharing deals, hence requiring detailed reporting on any ads served on specific content, no matter which site it was consumed on. Content categories and content partners have the same reports, which allows you to get detailed data on inventory and campaign delivery. Providing a budget figure for your goals automatically inserts the monetary value in the reports, too.

When you open the Account from the menu (Account icon), use the filter tabs to switch to the Content partners tab. You see the following interface:

Content partners overview

Parts of the Content partners tab

Part Name Description
1 Select period Select the time period for which you want to get a detailed report.
2 Filter tabs Click here to switch between Content Hierarchy and Content partners.
3 Content partners list List of all the Content partners. If you have not added any, you only see one item in the list - Unassigned.
4 Content partners menu Content partner menu options. For more information, see below.
5 Add Content partner Click the button to add a new content partner. For more information, see Add content partner.

Content partners menu options

Clicking the menu opens a pop up window:

Content partners Menu
  • Performance report: this opens a new page where you can:
    1. View a Full report for the chosen content partner consisting of:
      • Distributed Campaigns
      • Distribution by Day (performance chart and table view)
    2. View a Summary report consisting of:
      • Distributed Campaign
    3. Download both the full report and the summary report as PDF or Excel.
  • External Report Access: click here to create a new external invitation and grant access to a content partner performance report to people without their own Pulse account.

    Content partner external report access

    1. Invite: enter the name of the person you want to grant report access to.
    2. To: select whether you want to grant access to a summary report or a detailed (full) report.
    3. For: from the pop up window, select the time period the person should be allowed to access the report.
    4. Click SAVE.
    5. From the invitation menu, click Show access URL.
    6. Copy the external access URL and send it to the contacts you want to share the report with. They are now able to access the report at any time with real-time data. You can monitor the access and revoke it at any time by clicking Revoke external access from the invitation menu.
  • Export VAST URL: copy a request URL from ads targeted against this content partner when using Pulse as a third-party ad server or for testing purposes. For more information, see Pulse as third-party ad server.
    Note: If the campaign that is targeted against this content partner has other targeting rules, for example tag rules, these are not automatically picked as the VAST URL does not contain these tags. In that case, the tags must be added to the exported VAST URL.
  • Delete: this cannot be undone.
    Note: You cannot delete the item "Unassigned".