Create a campaign

In Pulse, a campaign is the general component for which you set specific goals that need to be realised in a given period of time. In case a campaign does not quite meet the goals, the overall approach can be slightly reworked for the remainder of the campaign, or the gathered information can be used to create a more effective follow-up campaign strategy. Learning from the experience of past campaigns makes it possible to strengthen upcoming campaigns and move closer to achieving the goals set by the advertiser. For more information on how the Pulse distribution engine works, see Pulse Distribution Engine.

Each campaign consists of goals, and each goal consists of ads. This is an example of a campaign structure:

Pulse Campaign structure

Creating a complete campaign requires adding at least one goal in a campaign, and one ad in a goal. In order to launch a campaign, you have to go through three basic setup steps. After finishing each step, you can access that step's overview, which gives you additional settings and edit options.

The procedure looks like this:

Create Campaign procedure
  1. Add new campaign

    The first step allows you to define some general settings for the campaign. Give the campaign a name, associate it with a client, set the campaign priority, delivery mode and targeting rules. More specific settings are defined in step two.

  2. Add new goal

    A goal is a schedule or placement that determines the delivery of your ads, for example how many impressions should be delivered, at what frequency, how they appear in ad breaks and the start/end date of the campaign. You can have multiple goals in a campaign if you, for example, need to reach different target audiences, or deliver during different time periods.

  3. Add new ad

    The last step allows you to add one or more ads of any format to a goal and target it to specific device groups, or set a different start/end date than the one set for the goal.

The whole procedure is covered in the following sections.

Note: All three steps need to be completed in order to successfully launch a campaign. All new campaigns are deactivated by default, so that they cannot go live before setup has been completed.