The Dashboard is the default view you see when you log in to Pulse. It provides a fresh view of the performance of your account by presenting data from the past and the present. The Delivery stats and Consumption overview stats panels have a menu in the upper right corner allowing you to specify the time period and reporting granularity to help you analyse your statistics. Click it to see the available options for each panel.


The speedometer panel provides real time data on how many ads are currently served per minute for your account. You can see the total delivery, and the separate delivery for each ad format.



The delivery stats show your inventory (grey area), ad delivery (blue bars), and fill rate, which is shown as the difference between used and total inventory for the previous time period (default value is 30 days previously) and expressed as a percentage. The default view shows the total figures for all ad formats. Click on the separate ad format type tabs to see ad format specific delivery statistics.

Delivery Statistics Panel


The Consumption Overview Stats overview shows the total amount of video content starts (not ads). It should be comparable to your own numbers showing the amount of video content starts through your video player.

Consumption Overview panel