Share a Performance View

Within Performance Metrics Explorer, you have the possibility to share each campaign performance view externally, without the external party having access to any other data in Pulse. For active campaigns, the view is updated with the latest available numbers every time the share link is accessed or refreshed.
  1. Open Performance Metrics Explorer from the Analytics menu (Performance Metrics Explorer access tab).
  2. Filter on the desired campaign.
  3. Click on the Share button. The Share Performance View window opens:

    Share Performance View window

  4. Fill in a label in the Label field, to identify the sharing on the performance view. For example, Share campaign performance with Company X.
  5. Select an expiration date in the Expires field to indicate until which date the link works. By default, the expiration date is set to 30 days from the current date.
  6. Click Create Share Link. The next window containing the link opens:

  7. Click Copy Link, and send the link to whomever needs access to the campaign performance view.
    Note: When you send the link, mention until when it is valid.
  8. Click Close Window when you are done to finish the procedure.