Performance Metrics Explorer Interface Overview

When you open Performance Metrics Explorer from the Analytics menu (Performance Metrics Explorer access tab) and filter on specific campaigns, you see the following interface:

Performance Metrics Explorer User Interface

Parts of Performance Metrics Explorer

Part Name Description
1 Campaign Filter Use this field to filter on specific campaigns. As soon as you start typing, suggestions appear that match the entered text.
2 Share Performance View Share button that takes you to the Share Performance View window. For more information, see Share a Performance View.
3 Metrics Summary Breakdowns

Select whether to display the performance metrics totals only for the campaigns you filtered on (default) or also include either their goals, their format types, or their devices.

Note: When breaking down the campaign performance data, you can either include their goals OR their format types OR their devices. You cannot select multiple breakdowns.

Metrics Breakdowns

4 Expand/Collapse Use it to expand or collapse the Metrics Summary table and Performance History Graphs.
5 Metrics Summary The performance metrics totals for the campaigns you filtered on and the selected breakdown (goal, format type, or device), if any.
6 Select Metrics

Select the metrics you want to display on every time series graph in the Performance History Graphs section. By default, impressions are selected and displayed in all the graphs.

Select Metrics

7 Performance History Graphs

Time series graphs broken down by day. The graphs show the performance of your campaigns, their goals, format types, or devices during their runtimes, based on the selected performance metrics. You can hover over the graphs to see the numbers for each day. Time periods where no data is recorded are not displayed.

For the campaigns, goals, format types, or devices where no metrics are available, the Performance History displays the following message: No data to show.

8 Performance Metrics

By default, impressions are selected and displayed in all the graphs as soon as you filter on campaigns.

You can customise the performance metrics you want to see for each of the campaign, goal, format type, or device time series graphs. The following metrics are available:
  • Impressions
  • Ad Started
  • Ad 25% Completion
  • Ad 50% Completion
  • Ad 75% Completion
  • Ad Completed
  • Click-throughs
9 Performance History Graphs Filter Tabs For each campaign, you can select whether you want to display the campaign (default), goal, format type, or device time series graph.
  • When you reload the page, all data is lost.
  • When you filter on specific campaigns and configure the metrics summary breakdowns (part 3), selected metrics (part 6), and graph filters (part 9) as desired, these are stored in the URL and history. This means that when you choose to filter on different campaigns, with or without reloading the page, the same breakdowns, metrics, and filters are applied to those campaigns by default.