Shared Performance View Interface Overview

When you open a Shared Performance View, you see the following interface:

Shared Performance View User Interface

Parts of Shared Performance View

Part Name Description
1 Select Metrics

Select the metrics you want to display on every time series graph in the Performance History Graphs section.

Select Metrics

The metrics persist in the graphs when you select them through this part of the interface, even when you refresh the page, in contrast to selecting the metrics on each individual graph.

2 Expand/Collapse Use it to expand or collapse the Performance History Graphs.
3 Performance History Graphs

Time series graphs broken down by day. The graphs show the performance of the campaigns during their runtimes, based on the selected performance metrics. You can hover over the graphs to see the numbers for each day. Time periods where no data is recorded are not displayed.

For campaigns where no metrics are available, the Performance Metrics only shows 'No data to show for <name of campaign>'.

4 Performance Metrics By default, impressions are selected and displayed in the graphs. Click on the desired performance metrics to display them in the Performance History Graph. The following metrics are available:
  • Impressions
  • Ad Started
  • Ad 25% Completion
  • Ad 50% Completion
  • Ad 75% Completion
  • Ad Completed
  • Click-throughs
5 Metrics Summary The performance metrics totals for the campaigns.