Campaign Simulation report

The Campaign Simulation report gives insight into the possible campaign delivery, showing the total values as well as a daily breakdown graph, and all competing goals and campaigns.

Campaign Simulation Report

Report parts

Part Name Description
1 Download as CSV Download the data in the report as a CSV file. The name of the file is the same as the title of the simulation, but spaces are substituted with underscores.
2 Campaign Simulation report parameters Show or hide the parameters for the simulation.
3 Campaign Simulation report numbers View the totals of the campaign delivery metrics for the report. These metrics refer to either normal goals and normal inventory, or sponsor goals and sponsor inventory, depending on which goal mode you selected in your simulation.
  • Average daily delivery: Average daily delivery required to reach the campaign goal.
    Note: This is only shown as a reference point if you specify a delivery goal amount. This is not how the campaign is forecast to deliver day by day.
  • Unused inventory: Reachable inventory for the simulation, not forecast to be used by existing campaigns.
  • Accessible inventory: Theoretical maximum accessible inventory the campaign can reach. However, parts of this inventory is forecast to be used by other campaigns.
  • Campaign delivery: Total possible campaign delivery, which is a number up to the delivery goal set during the simulation creation, indicating how much of the delivery goal is forecast to be delivered.
    Note: While there may be enough inventory over the whole time period to deliver the campaign, it might still not be a good idea to book it if the daily breakdown shows there is no unused inventory on a specific day.
4 Competing goals The competing goals table refers to either normal goals or sponsor goals, depending on which goal mode you selected in your simulation, and gives an indication of which higher priority goals are taking up the inventory that the campaign goal in question could have used. The COMPETING IMP. column shows how many impressions the competing goal “took” from the forecast campaign goal. If you need to free up more inventory, you can click on the campaigns in question and target its goals elsewhere. Keep in mind that:
  1. The effect of the changes can take up to 20 minutes to go through, depending on the status of the background job.
  2. The freed competing inventory from higher priority goals may be taken up by other goals with higher priority.
  3. Same or lower priority goals are not yet shown.
Note: The goal end date shown here represents a "to" date, not a "through" date. This may cause confusion for goals whose end date includes the Full day option. For example, if a goal from this list has an end date set to May 27th, 2017, Full day, then the end date displayed in the competing goals list will actually be the next day's date (May 28th, 2017), same as when you retrieve that goal's data through the API (<end>2017-05-28T00:00:00+0200</end>), because both mark the first second the goal is not running. For more information, see Goal End Date.