Create Simulation Adjustment

Simulation adjustments enable you to factor in significant anticipated or past traffic deviations in your forecasts.

  1. On the Simulation Adjustments page, click the CREATE NEW button.

    The Create event page opens.

    Simulation Adjustment Create event page
  2. Enter the following fields. All fields are mandatory unless indicated otherwise below:
    1. Name: the name of the event.
    2. Estimate effect (ad breaks): the amount of additional ad breaks started in a past event, or that are predicted to be started in a future event. All estimates have to be positive.
    3. Description (optional): a longer description of the event.
    4. Start date: select the start date from the date picker .
    5. End date: select the end date from the date picker, which may be the same as the start date.
    6. Category (optional): select the category that is affected by this estimate. You can only select a category that is an end leaf in your category tree.
  3. Click Save to save the event, or click Close to cancel this event.

    When you have saved the new event, it appears in the event list. If the event falls within the sample or simulated traffic period, then it also appears in the graph.