Inventory Simulation report

The Inventory Simulation report offers insight into the forecast inventory (normal or sponsor), showing the total values as well as a daily breakdown graph. It allows you to check how much of the total inventory is already forecast to be filled by existing campaigns and how much is forecast to be available for new campaigns.

Inventory Simulation Report

Report parts

Part Name Description
1 Download as CSV Download the data in the report as a CSV file. The name of the file is the same as the title of the simulation, but spaces are substituted with underscores.
2 Inventory Simulation report parameters Show or hide the parameters for the simulation.
3 Ad type filtering Select the ad types you wish to see the numbers and graphs for. You can select All, or any selection of the other available types, and the numbers and graphs update dynamically.
4 Inventory Simulation report numbers View the totals of the inventory metrics for the report and selected ad types. These metrics refer to either normal inventory or sponsor inventory, depending on which inventory type you selected in your simulation.
  • Total inventory: The total amount of inventory predicted for a specific target and time period based on historical data for the past two weeks. Total inventory is the sum of inventory predicted to be used by already booked campaigns and inventory predicted to be available for booking new campaigns (total inventory = used inventory + available inventory). If you make changes to your insertion policies, campaigns, goals, or ads, this affects the total inventory numbers.
  • Used inventory: The amount of inventory predicted to be filled by already booked campaigns.
  • Available inventory: The amount of inventory predicted to be available for booking new campaigns.
  • Fill rate: The projected fill rate based on the prediction of total inventory and used inventory.