Planner interface overview

When you open the Planner from the menu (Planner Icon), you see the following interface:

Planner Interface Overview

Parts of the Planner

Part Name Description
1 Create Simulations Buttons to create new inventory and campaign forecasts. For more information on creating simulations, see Create Inventory Simulation and Create Campaign Simulation.
2 Recent Simulations

A list of simulations, indicating the type of simulation, status, and summarised result.

Only simulations run in the past 14 days are kept in the list of recent simulations, because the results from older simulations are outdated and have become meaningless. You can also only see the simulations you have created under your user name.

3 Actions Action buttons.

Type of simulation

Icon Description
Inventory Icon Inventory Simulation
Campaign Icon Campaign Simulation

Simulation status

Icon Description
In Progress Icon The simulation is in progress.
OK Icon The simulation has completed successfully.
Failed Icon The simulation failed to reach its entered goal (campaign forecasts only).
Cancelled Icon The simulation has been cancelled by the user or failed to complete.

Action buttons

Icon Description
Report Icon Click this button to open a simulation report.
Simulate Icon Click this button to create a new simulation by reusing the current simulation parameters.