Insertion Policies interface overview

This page explains the new Insertion Policy UI. If you are using the old category-based Ad Insertion Policy, see Ad Insertion Policy.

When you open Insertion Policies from the menu Insertion policy access, you see the following:

Insertion policy interface

Parts of Insertion Policies

Part Name Description
1 New insertion policy Create new insertion policy button. For more information, see Create Insertion Policy.
2 Account limit A message showing the maximum number of insertion policies for your Pulse account.

By default, you can create a maximum of 50 insertion policies. Contact your Account Manager if you need to change this value.

3 Insertion policy rank Number showing the insertion policy rank, and arrow to update the insertion policy rank. By default, insertion policies are ranked in order of creation, with the most recent ones at the bottom (ranked lowest).
When you hover over an insertion policy with rank 2 or lower, an arrow appears instead of a number. Click the arrow to move the insertion policy higher up.
Note: Currently, you can only move insertion policies up, not down.

Use this functionality to mark the order in which Pulse should pick insertion policies when more than one insertion policy matches the tag targeting, category targeting, or both tag and category targeting coming in the ad request. In this case, the insertion policy with the highest rank gets selected.

Pulse looks at all insertion policies from top to bottom and picks the first one whose specified targeting matches the parameters sent in the ad request.

For more information, see Insertion Policy selection.

4 Insertion policy name Name of the insertion policy. Click here to open an insertion policy, view, and edit any of its settings. Click Save next to each modified field to save your changes.
5 Spot ad settings overview
An overview of pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and seek-roll settings, if there are any. For mid-rolls:
  • if you have configured only the default rule, the overview shows the configured number of ads per break, for example 3 mid-rolls
  • if you have configured the default rule and the advanced rules, the overview shows it as Advanced mid-roll rules.

To view the detailed insertion policy settings, open the insertion policy by clicking its name.

6 Insertion policy actions Click here to delete an insertion policy. This cannot be undone.