Marketplaces interface overview

When you open Programmatic from the menu (Programmatic icon), you see the following interface:

Marketplaces interface overview

Parts of Marketplaces

Part Name Description
1 New marketplace Button for creating a new marketplace. For more information, see Create new marketplaces and deals.
2 Marketplace list A list of all your created marketplaces displaying:
  • the marketplace name, you can sort the list based on the name
  • the list of buyers from all deals in the marketplace (only for marketplaces with deals)
  • the number of active deals and the total number of deals (active and paused) in each marketplace
    Note: In case some deals in a marketplace should not be active for a certain period of time, or you have recurring deals with certain buyers, you can pause and resume those deals accordingly.
  • the type of marketplace
  • the status of the marketplace, which can be Draft (disabled) or Active (enabled). To change the marketplace status, open the desired marketplace and click the status button in the upper right corner.
    Note: The active deals from the marketplace are not visible to buyers until you change the marketplace status to active. You also need to resume any paused deals in an active marketplace when you want to make them visible to buyers.
3 Marketplace filter Click on the sliders icon to filter the marketplaces based on marketplace name and marketplace status (active or archived). By default, the marketplace list displays active marketplaces.

Marketplace filter

Note: You cannot enable (turn on) a marketplace from the archived list. You need to use the Restore option first to move it to the active list. See row below for more information on marketplace actions.
4 Marketplace actions Hover over so the actions icon appears. Possible actions are:
  • Archive: archive an active or draft marketplace when you no longer need it in the working area. This moves it to the archived list, which you access using the marketplace filter.
    Note: Archiving an active marketplace automatically disables it (turns it off).
  • Restore: restore an archived marketplace. This moves it to the active list, which you access using the marketplace filter.