Note: In order to successfully access the Metamarkets user interface, you must be logged in to Pulse with a user name that is in the form of an email address.

Metamarkets is a real-time analytics platform for buyers and sellers of programmatic advertising, with the main focus on auction and post bid level analytics. Metamarkets' technology is based on ingesting real-time or batch feeds of your auction records with nested bid responses, impression records, and clicks. The data is then aggregated and presented to you in form of a dashboard to help you visualize programmatic trends and opportunities and understand what is happening right now and why it is happening.

Programmatic businesses rely on real-time reporting and continuously updated data, where you can quickly and easily get answers, whether you are interested in buyer performance or troubleshooting. Using Metamarkets, you can customize your dashboards according to your own needs, and watch as auctions and bids get executed. Metamarkets provides reports on all programmatic events, complemented with direct impressions to give a better context. You can also:
  • Set alerts to notify you if a metric passes a specific threshold that you define
  • Schedule reports for yourself or others to be delivered by email on a recurring basis; daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Download reports
  • Bookmark reports that you access frequently
When should you use Metamarkets?
  • To analyse programmatic buyer behavior
  • To analyse deal health and performance
  • To monitor buyer bid rates and prices, to inform holistic sales strategy
When should you not use Metamarkets?
  • For granular analytics on direct campaigns
  • For any invoicing and reconciliation reporting
Typical use cases
  • Understand the performance of programmatic buyers
  • Troubleshoot programmatic problems


Data in Metamarkets is only available for the past 6 months.