Metamarkets interface overview

Note: The video tutorials referenced here do not reflect the latest Metamarkets UI changes and not all of the functionality is available to Pulse users.

When you open Metamarkets from the Analytics menu (Metamarkets access tab), you see the following dashboard:

Metamarkets interface

By default, Metamarkets opens in Explore auctions view.

Parts of Metamarkets

Note: The UI changes depending on the selected data visualization view (Explore, Facet, Heat Map, or Bar Chart), but the following menu items are common across the different views, with a few exceptions.
Part Name Description
1 Dashboard name The name of your dashboard.
2 Data visualization views Metamarkets offers four different views for visualizing your data on auction and bid level:
  1. Explore: provides a time series chart to compare performance across date ranges, set alerts, and view percentage changes, as well as a quick overview of all data and the ability to filter or drill down to any dimension or metric in any combination. For more information, see Using the Metamarkets Explore view.
  2. Facet: provides more granular control of time based comparisons and the ability to slice and dice data by up to five different dimensions in a single report. For more information, see Using the Metamarkets Facet view.
  3. Heat Map: helps you identify correlations between two different dimensions and allows you to toggle clustering to immediately identify the strongest overlaps against your selected metrics. For more information, watch the Heat Map Overview video tutorial.
  4. Bar Chart: provides a simple way to look at complex data and compare dimension values against your primary metrics. For more information, watch the Bar Chart Overview video tutorial.
3 Bookmarks List of bookmarked reports, see part 4 for more information.
Note: Bookmarks are saved per account user, meaning they are not shared.
4 Reporting Features
  1. Create an alert (only in Explore view): Schedule an alert for yourself or others to be delivered by email and notify you if a metric passes a specific threshold that you define.
  2. Download: download the report as CSV, XLS or TSV. You cannot download a Heat Map report.
  3. Bookmark: bookmark reports that you access frequently. You can find the bookmarked reports under "Bookmarks". When you open a bookmarked report, you can update the name or delete the bookmark by clicking on this icon.
  4. Schedule a report (only in Facet view): Schedule a report for yourself or others to be delivered by email on a recurring basis; daily, weekly, or monthly.

For more information, watch the Reporting Features video tutorial.

5 Search Search for an item across the entire dashboard of data.
6 Profile Manage your settings like basic info, date and time, security policies, alerts, and scheduled reports.

Watch the Basic Navigation video tutorial for a quick overview of the Metamarkets interface.

If you need additional assistance, please contact Technical Support.