Break exclusivity

Setting a normal goal’s ad position to break exclusive means that you want an ad from the goal to be the only ad within the ad break, when that goal is selected by the Pulse distribution engine. As a consequence, break exclusive goals and goals of any other ad position are mutually exclusive in a single ad break, which means an ad break is either filled with just one ad from a break exclusive goal, or one or more ads from goals of any other position, depending on your settings. This is in contrast to the Campaign Exclusivity, which applies to the whole ad session and not the individual ad breaks within the session.

Break exclusivity does not give the goal higher priority in any way. This allows you to sell to an advertiser the opportunity of having the break completely or partially to oneself, and is something that you can use to increase CPM.

  • This does not affect sponsor ads.
  • Break exclusive goals may cause wasted inventory.


For example, you have set your insertion policy to 2 pre-rolls and 2 mid-rolls and you book pre-roll and mid-roll sponsors with the default ad position. There are break exclusive goals and goals of any other ad position available in your account and they need impressions.

One possible scenario is that the break exclusive goal is selected first for the pre-roll ad break, other position goal is selected first for the mid-roll ad break. This means that for the pre-roll break all other goals are automatically discarded by the distribution engine after the first ad was selected, but for the mid-roll break the distribution engine searches for ads from other position goals to fill the second position.
  • The pre-roll break is filled with only one normal pre-roll ad from a break exclusive goal. A sponsor pre-roll ad is shown after the normal pre-roll ad.
  • The mid-roll break is filled with two normal mid-roll ads from two different goals that are not break exclusive. A sponsor mid-roll ad is shown after the normal mid-roll ad.