Troubleshooting with Charles Proxy

Charles proxy is a software tool that can be used to record network traffic in your computer, save this information to a log file and send it to support. The tool is very versatile and can be used in various ways, but in this article we only cover the very basics.

Record and save a Charles log

  1. Install and launch Charles proxy:
  2. Make sure you are recording traffic.

    Record traffic in Charles

  3. Go to the video player where you are experiencing problems and reproduce the issue while Charles proxy is recording in the background.
  4. When done reproducing the issue, go back to Charles Proxy and turn off the recording.
  5. Go to File - Save as, and save the log as a Charles file (.chls).


If you are doing multiple attempts at reproducing and recording an issue, please clear the recording log between attempts. This helps our support agents look only at the relevant events in your recording. You empty the log by clicking the bin icon in Charles Proxy.

Empty log in Charles