Delivery issues checklist

The Pulse Distribution Engine takes a lot of information into account when deciding which goal to pick and which ad to display. Most commonly, it is about these two things, either as reasons on their own, or as a combination of each other:
  • targeting
  • prioritisation rules
See Pulse distribution and prioritization rules to get an understanding of how different goals are prioritized according to their delivery goal type. For example, Share of Voice goals always serve ads prior to impression goals, no matter what priority is assigned to them (1-10).

Things to check

If a campaign/goal is not delivering any impressions, though everything seems to be correctly configured, follow this simple checklist.

  1. Check the material (the actual creatives) in the campaign and make sure they work fine.
    • The best way is to preview them in our preview player (or live preview).
    • Make sure your creatives are configured according to our Creative asset specification.
  2. Check targeting rules.
    • Targeting rules for the campaign/goal could always be the reason why the campaign/goal is not delivering.
    • See How do I check which campaigns are currently being delivered? to check which campaigns are delivering according to content targeting.
    • Other targeting rules are harder to check/verify but you could always compare other campaigns and check the ones that are higher prioritized and/or lagging behind and the targeting set for them. If they match the campaign that is not delivering, it could be the reason.
  3. Check the prioritization of the goal. The goals are always the ones "fighting" for the inventory.
    • There is a common use case below specifying goal/campaign priority.
    • Goals that are higher prioritized need to get "their" forecasted inventory and could be the cause of your campaign/goal not starting to serve.
  4. Check which campaigns are currently getting delivered.
  5. Check that your campaign/goal works fine in a live environment.
    Note: This is not necessary, but could be helpful in some cases.
    • Do this by simply changing the goal type to Share of Voice (SoV) and set it to 100% for a short while (a few minutes).
    • If you do not usually have that many SoV goals, this goal gets prioritized highest and probably delivers impressions.
    • Make sure you change it back as soon as you have tested that it works and tracks impressions.

Common use cases

Goal priority is not inheriting the campaign priority

  • You probably did not select that the goal priority inherits the campaign priority, so when you changed the campaign priority, the goal priority did not follow.
  • Make sure to check the prioritization number on both campaign and goals as they could differ (be overridden for certain goals).
Campaign priority settingGoal priority setting

Serving booked campaigns over VAST

  • The Pulse platform is VAST/VPAID compliant and we support ad serving over VAST for campaigns booked in Pulse. Simply copy/paste the URL provided under the content/category node in your content tree that you want to serve.

    Export VAST URL on category

  • Check that your campaigns can be served via VAST.

    You can do this for each campaign separately:

    VAST setting on campaign

    or on global level from the Settings tab:

    VAST setting on account


It is very hard to find exact reasons why a campaign/goal is not delivering, it could be thousands of different targeting rules, as our distribution engine takes everything into account. Following this guide/checklist in detail can help you identify common issues. If you still cannot get your campaign to work, please contact Technical Support.