DSP Guide for Buyers

This page lists the basic steps and requirements that buyers of Pulse publisher inventory need to follow in their demand side platform in order to successfully target a specific private marketplace and bid accordingly.

DSP Name Where to Find Marketplace Name Requirements Notes
Adform Inventory | Exchange BidSwitch Deal ID
  1. Follow standard campaign setup process.
  2. In Line Item - Inventory section, choose Ooyala inventory.
  3. (Optional) Add a deal.
DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) Partner settings BidSwitch Deal ID If you apply targeting settings, please notify the publisher as this may affect the volume of inventory received through a Deal ID. We recommend setting a deal with one Line Item per Deal ID.
DataXu Inventory Supply Section Ooyala Deal ID The Ooyala exchange appears only if the “media type” of the flight is set to “video”. If private marketplaces are set up with Ooyala inventory, they need to be created and targeted in the “Private Marketplace” section of inventory.
Videology Traffic Campaign Set Up Screen Ooyala Deal ID Set up only one geo per publisher.
LoopMe Media Section - Exchanges, at line item level Ooyala RTB Deal ID LoopMe works on a managed service so please speak to a LoopMe account manager for more details.
Delta Projects Bidding Platform Ooyala Platform Deal ID
BidTheatre Ooyala is found in the supply browsing tab next to all other connected supply. Market/SSP "Ooyala" Deal ID Best way to target Inventory:
  • through Deals
  • by assigning open supply domains onto a sitelist