Pixel tracker ads

Note: This feature needs to be enabled for your account. Please contact your Account Manager if you want to use this feature.

Pixel tracker ads give you the possibility to use Pulse for gathering all statistics in one place, for example, in cases where you do not use Pulse to serve the ads.

Distribution engine behavior

Pixel trackers cannot be served by Pulse and are never included in ad decisions made by the Pulse Distribution Engine. However, they are included when counting towards goal completion.

Within a goal, you can configure one normal ad and one pixel tracker ad and have the pixel counter ad compete with the regular ad for the configured impressions. When the sum of impressions counted on both ads exceeds the configured goal, the normal ad is never selected by the Pulse distribution engine. The pixel ad can however still receive impressions from the external source, as we cannot prevent further impressions on that source.

Note: If you prefer to separate the impressions manually and avoid competition between the ads, you can simply book the ads in two separate goals.

Pixel tracking ads show up in reports (historical data), but are never counted when looking forward and doing forecasts.

Screenshots of the setup in Pulse

Add a pixel tracker ad

Add pixel tracker ads dropdown

Generate tracker URLs menu option

Generate tracker URLs menu option

Generated tracker URLs

Generated tracker URLs