Pulse error tracking


Error tracking needs to be enabled for your account, and only works if you have an integration with at least one of the following SDKs:
  • HTML5 SDK (Core and Pulse) or any of its derivatives (HTML5 Ad Player and Plugins) for version or higher
  • iOS Pulse SDK version or higher
  • Android Pulse SDK version or higher

No error tracking information is available for direct VAST or VMAP integrations.

Error events

The following error events relate to error trackers generally available in VAST tickets (see Error Reporting in the VAST standard), and a few Pulse specific error trackers.
Error code Error name Description
0 Unknown error
1 Start ad timeout The ad did not start playback within the specified time. Default timeout value is 4 seconds.
2 Total passback timeout The passback chain did not result in successfully showing an ad, because the pasback timeout expired.
100 XML parsing error An error in the XML of a third-party VAST ticket was found.
101 VAST schema validation error The third-party VAST ticket contains data that is in violation of the VAST schema.
102 VAST version of response not supported The video player cannot handle the VAST ticket, because its version is not supported.
200 Ad type not supported The video player received an ad type that it was not expecting and/or cannot display.
201 Ad linearity error The video player expected a different linearity.
300 General VAST Wrapper error
301 Timeout of VAST URI An error occurred when retrieving a third-party URI. Timeout of a VAST URI provided in Wrapper element, or of VAST URI provided in a subsequent Wrapper element. Includes request errors such as invalid URI, unreachable or request timeout for URI, and security or other exceptions related to requesting a VAST URI.
303 No VAST response No VAST response after one or more Wrappers.
Note: When using the HTML5 SDK or any of its derivatives, then this error is also reported each time an inventory ad is encountered. An inventory ad is a placeholder where a real ad could have been, but no eligible ad was available in Pulse.
400 General Linear error The video player is unable to display the linear ad.
401 File not found Unable to find a media file at the URI.
402 MediaFile timeout Unable to retrieve the media file within the designated time.
403 Could not find supported MediaFile Could not find a media file that is supported by the video player, based on the attributes of the MediaFile element.
405 Problem displaying MediaFile The video player found a media file with a supported type according to the attributes of the MediaFile element and was able to retrieve the file, but could not display the media file. MediaFile may include: unsupported codecs, different MIME type than indicated in @type attribute, unsupported delivery method, and so on.
500 General NonLinearAds error The video player is unable to display the non-linear ad.
502 Unable to fetch NonLinearAds / NonLinear resource The resource for the non-linear ad cannot be fetched.
503 Could not find NonLinear resource with supported type Could not find a resource that is supported by the video player.
900 Undefined error

Error reporting

You can create custom reports for the tracked error events for your integrations. A dimension, filter, and metric are available in both the Custom Reporting user interface and the REST API. For more information, see Create or reuse a custom report and Submit report definition.