Skip ad button

Skip ad button is a button displayed in the video player that allows your viewers to skip the entire ad or a portion of the ad.

In Pulse, you can define whether a viewer should be able to skip an ad or not. If you want to show the skip button, you can define whether it should show up always or only after a viewer has already seen the ad, and you can define at what point during ad playback it should show up.

The skip button behavior is configured in your Insertion Policy. Campaigns, goals, and ads inherit the applicable insertion policy setting.

There are some occasions when an advertiser does not want their ad to be skippable, or wants a different skip button behavior than what you have configured in your insertion policies. You do not need to change your insertion policies for this, instead you can override the insertion policy skip button setting by changing the Skippable setting on the campaign, goal, or ad level. Find the option as shown below:

Campaign overview

Skippable setting on campaigns

Goal overview

Skippable setting on goals

Ad overview

Skippable setting on ads

By default, the Skippable field is set to Inherits, meaning it inherits the setting from the parent. Insertion policy is the parent of the campaign, campaign is the parent of the goal, and goal is the parent of the ad.

Override skip ad button settings

To override the skip ad button settings, go through the following steps:
  1. Go to campaign, goal, or ad overview, depending on where you want to change the setting.
  2. Double-click the Skippable field. A pop up window opens up:

    Skip ad settings pop-up

  3. Select Override parent settings.
  4. Select whether to show the skip button always, after first unique view, or never.
    • Always: selecting this option allows you to set the amount of seconds, or the percentage of the ad, after which the skip button appears.
    • After first unique view: selecting this option allows you to:
      1. Reset view count after a certain time period. You can choose to reset on a scale from 1 to 48 hours.
      2. Set the amount of seconds or the percentage of the ad after which the skip button appears.
    • Never: selecting this option means that the skip button never appears during ad playback.
  5. Click Save.


The skippable column displays a different value based on the settings you enabled:

Value Description
Inherits Inherits settings from parent.
Yes Overrides parent settings and is set to either:
  • always be skippable, or
  • skippable after first unique view.
No Overrides parent settings and is set to never be skippable.
Note: If you edit the settings for a campaign, all the goals and ads in that campaign inherit the campaign settings unless you have edited the settings for the individual goals or ads. The same is true for ads within a goal.