Sponsor Ads

Note: By default, one sponsor ad position is available per sponsor ad break. Contact your Account Manager if you want to change this.
Sponsor ads are used for extra sponsor messages and can be added in Pulse as part of sponsor goals, which support only linear ads. Sponsor ads can be inserted at the following positions:
  • Default positions (after pre- and mid-roll ad break, before post-roll ad break): this is the default option, where the sponsor ads are always delivered closest to the content, meaning at prime positions.
  • Before any linear ad break: ads from this goal are only shown before pre-, mid-, or post-roll ad breaks.
  • After any linear ad break: ads from this goal are only shown after pre-, mid-, or post-roll ad breaks.
Note: If you want to show sponsor ads before and after a linear ad break, which may be desirable for mid-roll ad breaks, then you must set up two separate sponsor goals: one selecting the before ad position, and one selecting the after ad position.
Sponsor goals run within their own sponsor break and compete for inventory only with other sponsor goals, which means that:

For example, if you have set your insertion policy to two pre-rolls, two mid-rolls, and one post-roll, and you book a sponsor with the default ad position, then this is how Pulse delivers the ads:

Sponsor Ads in VAST and VMAP Integrations

You can request sponsor ads in a VAST and VMAP integration with Pulse for ad serving. The VAST and VMAP responses from Pulse include any applicable sponsor goal ads, even when no standard linear ads were available for that particular ad break.

Sponsor Ads in Time Based Breaks

Note: This feature needs to be enabled for your account, together with the time based breaks feature. Contact your Account Manager if you want to include sponsor ads in time based breaks. When enabled, it applies to all insertion policies for linear ad breaks where a maximum duration has been set.

It is possible to include the sponsor ad duration within the maximum duration defined in the insertion policies of linear ad breaks. The number of ad positions is unaffected, but the maximum duration also includes the duration of the sponsor ad being shown and the sponsor ad is always selected first. See Time Based Breaks for more information and an example of how sponsor ads affect ad selection in combination with time based breaks.

Forecast on Sponsor Goals and Sponsor Inventory

Pulse offers you the ability to separately forecast on sponsor goals and sponsor inventory, both through the Pulse Planner and Forecast API:
  • Campaign Simulations allow you to see how much sponsor inventory a new hypothetical campaign could reach and how much of the sponsor goal is forecast to be delivered. The report also lists all competing sponsor goals, giving an indication of which higher priority sponsor goals are taking up the sponsor inventory that the campaign goal in question could have used.
  • Inventory Simulations allow you to check how much sponsor inventory is forecast to be available for a specific target and time period, how much of the sponsor inventory is already forecast to be filled, and the fill rate.

Reporting on Sponsor Goals

To report on sponsor goals, you can use the goal mode dimension and filter in Custom Reporting UI and API and set it to sponsor. For more information, see Create or Reuse a Custom Report and Submit a Report Definition.


  • Sponsor goals can only be booked as Share of Voice (default) or Impression goals. For more information, see Add New Goal.
  • Frontload cannot be set for sponsor goals. For more information, see Frontload.
  • Passbacks do not work for third-party sponsor ads. For more information, see Passbacks.
  • Back-to-back clash protection does not work for sponsor ads. For more information, see Client Categories.