INVIDI Pulse OpenRTB Integration

This document describes the integration process between a Demand Side Platform (DSP) and INVIDI Pulse using the IAB OpenRTB specification.

Prerequisites for integrating with Pulse

Important restrictions

  • Only CPM campaigns are allowed.
  • Only video ads are accepted.
  • Only Private Marketplaces are supported.
  • Ad Markup can be supplied in the bid response or served through win notice url (nurl).
  • Pulse supports a single impression per bid request and recommends DSPs to respond with multiple bids per bid response, at least one bid per impression.
  • Bids must signal intent to show impressions. Following a winning bid, DSPs that cannot give a valid reason for failing to show an ad when given the opportunity will be disabled.

Video ads

We adhere to the official OpenRTB protocol for all video inventory available on Pulse and pass all required parameters directly in the video object. We support VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 templates inline in the adm field or fetched using the URL supplied in the nurl field in the bid response, however the following limitations apply:

  • Only linear video ads are supported.
  • Only one creative is allowed in any given VAST response. The creative ID of the bid must always match to one and the same creative.
  • VPAID ad units are only supported in web browser requests (this is indicated in the field when supported).
  • VPAID ad units must not perform follow-up auctions on the client side. A winning bid must signal that the DSP has already selected the ad to show.
  • No Companion Banner inventory is available at this point.
  • We do not support extensions to the VAST protocol. We do not block VAST ads that use extensions, but we do not honor the information in the extension.

Compliance test

When the integration is completed, and before you can start bidding on Pulse enabled inventory, your Technical Account Manager holds compliance tests with you and your team. We enable you to bid on a small amount of traffic and then compare the following numbers:

  1. Total bid requests
  2. Total bids
  3. Total bid price
  4. Total bids won
  5. Total impressions served
  6. Total settlement price

If the compliance test is successful and without large discrepancies (less than 5%), we enable you to bid on larger volumes of traffic.