2014-12-19 Release

Brightcove Perform player plugin (HTML5) and HTML5 2.0 SDK

Brightcove Perform plugin (HTML5)

We have released a plugin for Brightcove's new HTML5 player that is used by their player experience management system Perform. The Brightcove player is an HTML5 first video player with lightweight fallback to Flash for legacy browsers, compared to the old Brightcove Smart player that was Flash first with HTML5 fallback for mobile phones.
Note: The Brightcove player plugin is built on the HTML5 SDK 1.x and not on the new HTML5 SDK 2.x.


HTML5 has been the main technology for mobile platforms for several years. It has also become the technology of choice for many emerging platforms, for example connected TVs. But what is really about to turn HTML5 into the true cross-platform solution it has always aspired to be, is that several major video players are now HTML5 first with a lightweight Flash fallback for legacy browsers. Therefore, we have made major rewrites of the HTML5 SDK.

Integration with HTML5 2.0 SDK supports the following new features:

  • Passbacks: if an ad source fails to deliver, Pulse sends passback ad sources as a fallback, thus improving the probability of an ad being served. Passbacks do not only improve the fill rate, but also simplify the work for yield managers who no longer need to focus on the relation between fill rate and CPM, instead they can focus solely on price optimisation.
  • Sessions: ad decisions/ad sessions to be made with the whole content session in mind and enable better use of features like brand clash protection, goal sequencing (story telling), or frequency capping.
  • Session extension: enables ad sessions to be extended ad hoc, to handle unpredictable content lengths, like live content, and sales packages based on user behavior (retargeting).
Note: The HTML5 SDK 2.0 is not backwards compatible with the HTML5 SDK 1.x's API.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation additions: