2015-05-13 Release

Flash ad player timeout settings

Flash ad player timeout settings

The new Flash ad player timeout settings allow you to control the viewer experience and help you achieve higher ad delivery rates on slower networks. For example, an ad request is made when the viewer starts a video. In order to ensure initial viewer engagement, you could set a shorter timeout for this initial ad request. If the initial ad request timed out, you can send a secondary ad request which has a much longer timeout set without disrupting the viewer experience. Also, for any intermediate ad requests, you can allow for longer timeouts without disrupting the video playback.

Timeouts can be set for each ad request on the VpAdPlayerWrapper, using the following methods, depending on the type of ad request:
Method Object to place timeout on Affects
setNewItem itemInfo The initial ad request to Pulse.
setMetaData metaData The second ad request to Pulse (if any).
addInsertionPoints requestSettings The intermediate ad request for retrieving the requested insertion point(s).

The timeout is set as a whole number of milliseconds on the field named initialAdRequestTimeout. Note that the timeout has to be set for each ad request, if you want it to differ from the 4 second default.

For more information, see Flash Ad Player SDK documentation or contact your account manager.