2015-08-19 Release

iOS 2.x SDK

New integration SDK: iOS 2.x SDK

A second generation version of the iOS SDK is released, which is used to develop the ad serving integration for your native iOS video player application.

Integration with iOS 2.x SDK supports the following new features:

  • Passbacks: another ad is requested if no ad was served in the first request
  • Non-linear ad formats: in skin, pause ads, overlays, ...
  • Session information: enables session level clash protection (only one ad from a group of mutually exclusive ads is ever shown in one session) and ad sequencing. For more information on clash protection, see Client categories.

To start using these features, you have to (re)write the iOS integration with the new iOS 2.x SDK, for iOS 5.1.1 or later and in xCode 6 or later. Contact Professional Services for help and validation.

The necessary resources to start developing can be found here.