2015-12-01 Release

Survey element available through SDKs

Survey element available in Flash SDK and iOS 2.x SDK

The optional VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) survey element is used to store the URI to a survey vendor that could be the survey, a tracking pixel, or anything to do with a survey. The element could be used to display a survey accompanying a specific ad, when that ad is served to the viewer, or the survey might only be activated if the viewer has paused ad playback. For each ad served, there is at most one survey URI available.

Now, the survey element is exposed through the Flash and iOS 2.x SDKs, which enables customers to handle this element in their integration when it comes in with ads from third-party ad providers.

For the Flash SDK, there are 3 important additions to the SDK that enable the access to this survey element:

  • The method currentAd on VpAdModule returns an Ad object, which is the ad currently being shown.
  • On the Ad object, we then have the property survey, which returns the survey URI.
  • A new event, CURRENT_AD_UPDATED, has been added to VpAdModuleEventType, which is triggered whenever VpAdModule.currentAd is updated (a new ad has started playing).

For the iOS 2.x SDK, the survey element is accessed through VPAd.survey.

Documentation releases

Relevant SDK reference documentation can be found at http://pulse-sdks.videoplaza.com/.